On 20 May 2015 the President of Electronic Communicaton Office (UKE) announced the results of the competition for the postal operator designated to provide universal service for the years 2016-2025. The new operator that has been designated is the Polish Post S.A., whose offer received the highest, almost the maximum number of points (210 of 220 possible).
In the process of public consultation before the competition and during the entire stage of preparing offer for the Polish Post a team of specialists from the SWS Law Firm Strykowski Wachowiak has advised: attorney Bartosz Wachowiak and attorney Anna Romejko – Borkowska.
The above mentioned competition was the first such a proceedings performed in the countries of the European Union. Poland was the only one that decided on an extremely short, because the 3-year transitional period, aimed at increasing competitiveness on the market for postal services.
Designated operator is a subject which on behalf of particular country provides all citizens access to postal services provided at affordable prices anywhere in the country and on the same basis.
What is important, according to EU directives provision of universal postal service is the responsibility of Member States which for that purpose may (but do not have to) determine the appropriate postal operator.
Among the major responsibilities of the designated postal operator is to create a network of suitably deployed post offices and provision of postal services often enough and on adequate quality of service (which means particularly delivery and receiving shipments at least once a day for five days a week).
According to the law the end of the contest does not finish the procedure. Currently the President of the Electronic Communication Office (UKE), responsible for regulating the postal services market in Poland, should issue a decision to establish a designated postal operator for the years 2016 – 2025, entrusting the universal service obligation for the next 10 years to the company Polish Post S.A.
For the team of the SWS Law Firm the above result is undoubtedly a reason to be proud – as members of wider team for Polish Post’s competition offer they could in fact take such an active part in one of the most important projects which are meaningful for the development of the postal services market in Poland. The satisfaction is even greater, that the Polish Post not only made the most advantageous offer by which creation the SWS Law Firm’s team has advised for several months, but also that its assessment by the Electronic Communication Office (UKE) was so high.