Within the scope of law of contracts regarding broadly understood marketing activities as well as copyright issues, our experiences covers, in particular:

  • preparation and evaluation of contracts of performance of promotion and image campaigns regarding essential investment projects implemented in Poland in the recent years, where the scope of campaigns each time covered such elements as: preparation and commercial distribution via TV, Internet and DVD/Blue ray disks of promotion films, preparation of professional photographic documentation, preparation and support of Facebook fan pages, accounts in other social networks such as: Tweeter and Instagram,
  • preparation of contracts connected with organisation and promotion of cultural events and events connected to fashion, including contracts regarding organisation of exhibitions, preparation of promotional materials (catalogues, dedicated websites), preparation of professional photo shoots and contracts related to commercial use of image, contracts of organisation and sponsorship of fashion shows and their promotion on the Internet, including social networks and Internet TV channels,
  • drafting contracts connected with building of cooperation programs for organisers of tourism that operate tourism evens based on charter flights,
  • preparation of contracts of rent of advertising space, banners, expositions, advertising on carriers, in commercial space, including barter contracts,
  • preparation of contracts regarding organisation of mass events, including, for instance, aircraft shows combined with accompanying events, i.e. aircraft fairs, static shows of aircrafts, gastronomy and commercial back-up facilities (including commercial and promotional stands) as well as entertainment events, including concerts.