Family Law


The dissolution of marriage by divorce, apart from being one of the most difficult and painful events in life, it also brings many legal consequences. The divorce case does not end with the divorce itself.

The task of the SWS Law Firm’s team is to advise the client on all aspects related to the termination of the marriage. Marriage dissolution as such affects the maintenance obligation between former spouses. If the parties have minors, it is also necessary in the divorce process to regulate certain issues. These include parental authority, the amount of child support payments and the manner of contact of the parent who does not exercise parental authority with the children. As a result of the development of the common position of the parties, it is also possible to resolve the issue of the division of property without the need to bring a separate case before the district court.

We have many years of practical experience in conducting divorce and family cases, hence we provide comprehensive legal services in this field. Our team consists of people who have specialized in the substantive shaping of court decisions in this field for many years. We fight for the most beneficial and comprehensive solution for you and we provide support in the courtroom. We look at the problem broadly to predict consequences of your decision. By offering comprehensive help, we mean cooperation with psychologists whenever it is needed.

SWS lawyers conduct cases for the establishment / denial of paternity, alimony, settlement of contacts, division of property.

Our priority is for the matter to come to a positive closure.