Strykowski and Wachowiak, that is, how it is with SWS?

SWS Law Firm Strykowski Wachowiak limited partnership based in Poznan (SWS) has been operating on the market law services since 2004. Our offices are located in Poznan, Warsaw and Szczecin.
Our clients are provided with the highest standard of legal services (ongoing or occasional) covering all aspects of law associated with running business activity and the scope of operation of public administration.
Over the years of our presence on the legal market we have managed to build deep and long-lasting relations with our clients, which is something that we are very proud of. Operations of SWS Law Firm are based on professionalism, trust and ability to maintain open and effective communication with clients and partners. Our priority is to respond as quick as possible to the needs of  clients and to seek and develop the most effective solutions for them. Our offer is mainly addressed to corporate clients and entities within the public sector.  Among our regular clients we can name self-government entities, prominent Polish companies including the leaders of respective sectors and the most innovative and fastest developing companies, including public companies listed at the Stock Exchange and strategic companies of the State Treasury, and Polish companies belonging to international capital groups.

5.1 billion Euro

Total value of investments, in which we were involved with our legal assistance over the recent years amounts to more than 5.1 billion Euro.

Law classes in colleges

We were the first to have the initiative to conduct law lessons in the high schools of Poznań within the framework of the action “A lesson in law”.

We returned Warta to Poznań

We joined the action aimed at reconstruction of the Warta river bed to give Warta back to Poznań. We published the album „Warta w Poznaniu”, inspiring to undertake real actions with the objective to return the river to the city and make its waterfront attractive. This way, we initiated a discussion the effects of which can be seen today in multiple placed along the river in Poznań.

Special award from “Rzeczpospolita”

We received a special award from editors of “Rzeczpospolita” for our support to the Foundation for children ‘Help on Time” and our contribution in the “Say no to barriers in philanthropy” scheme, the purpose of which was to eliminate legal restrains in the development of charities in Poland. In cooperation with the Pro Bono Centre and non-governmental organisations, we put forward an initiative to simplify the fiscal law in order to facilitate conducting social activities and we proposed relevant amendments to regulations.

2000 lawsuits

We are currently conducting over 2000 lawsuits, including over 600 lawsuits in complex cases for damages.

14 audits at TP S.A.

In the period 2010 – 2013 we carried out
14 audits at Telekomunikacja Polska S.A. and other companies of the TP Group as part of implementation of an agreement with the President of the Office of Electronic Communications – audit findings were used by the European Commission.

Winning bid of Poczta Polska

We provided legal assistance for Poczta Polska S.A. in development of their winning bid in the first EU contest for the operator appointed to provide universal services in 2016-2025.

Group purchase of energy

We provided consultancy at creation of the first Polish undertaking consisting in first group purchases of electric power by various entities in the City of Poznań, resulting in significant savings within the scope of municipal expenditures for electric power.

A hundred thousand employees

Our clients employ a combined one hundred thousand employees.

Over 34 million of users

More than 34 million users in Poland and other European countries constantly uses the services provided by our clients. Our actions have an impact on their and probably also your everyday life.

Revision of the postal law

We took a significant part in the legislative work involving a revision of the postal law (in 2012). This gave rise to a number of interpretations regarding application of the postal law. Our office provided legal assistance in relations between the appointed operator and regulator of the postal service market. We also gave a number of speeches at conferences devoted to the market of postal services (including couriers).