Kancelaria SWS is a recognised and trusted legal adviser of multiple companies in the building sector as well as public entities within the scope of the largest investment projects implemented across the country. The lawyers of Kancelaria SWS provided assistance both to investors and contractors of investments which currently allows us to provide the clients engaged in an investment process even more effectively. Our experience within the scope of legal support in investment processes shows that implementation of infrastructural projects, especially with cooperation of the public and private sector, requires a comprehensive approach in legal terms.
The investments supported by us include, among other, power, airport, road, line, infrastructure investments as well as some regarding sport, cultural and industrial facilities. Most of the project operated or being operated by us exceed the value of 25 billion Polish zloty.
Our offer for clients within the scope of operation of building contract includes, in particular:

  • legal advising at each stage of investment implementation, especially within the scope of disputes with complex factual and legal condition,
  • advising and on-going legal operation for building contracts based on FIDIC Contract Conditions, including those co-funded from the EU funds,
  • drafting all legal evaluations, legal information regarding the subject of the investment process as well as procedures provided for by the building law.