Based on possessed knowledge and experience, Kancelaria SWS offers comprehensive legal assistance for postal operators and other participants of the postal service market within the scope of postal law, within the scope of both national and international (including Union) regulations.
Kancelaria SWS advised the leading national postal operator for years in the process of regulation and formal-legal adjustment to the liberalised conditions of postal activity. The staff of Kancelaria SWS actively participated in the legislative works covering amendments of the postal law (2012), developed a number of interpretations regarding application of the postal law, provided legal assistance in relations between the appointed operator and the regulator of the postal service market, they gave speeches at a number of conferences devoted to the market of postal services (including couriers), participated in advising groups in the process of preparation of the bid for the first EU contest for the operator appointed to provide universal postal services in years 2016-2016. Furthermore, the partner of Kancelaria SWS – Att. Bartosz Wachowiak is a member of the association Instytut Pocztowy the objective of which is informing on changes and processes taking place on the postal service market in Poland and abroad.
The offer for our customers includes in particular:

  • drafting all legal evaluations, legal information regarding the subject and procedures of the postal law
  • preparation of draft versions of all documents required or admitted by the postal law, including regulations, pricelists, agreements or template contracts used in connection with the conducted postal business,
  • representation of postal operators before the regulatory bodies, including the President of the Electronic Communication Office,
  • support for entities providing postal services in performance of their particular obligations arising from the applicable laws.