Members of the Public Procurement Department of our firm have an extensive experience in legal aid on public procurement, public – private partnership as well as concessions for construction works and services. We offer in particular:

  • development of comprehensive internal regulations on contract and concession award procedures,
  • legal aid to contracting authorities involving preparation of terms of reference, public procurement contracts, descriptions of concession terms and conditions as well as concession agreements,
  • analyses of legal capabilities to apply the given form of cooperation of the private and public partner,
  • analyses and evaluations regarding all legal and legal-fiscal aspects of performance of the undertaking by a public entity,
  • analyses regarding optimisation of activities on the part of private partners in the process of negotiations with the public partner,
  • expert opinions regarding identification of potential hazards, including prohibited public assistance,
  • expert opinions regarding application of guidelines arising from the contracts of co-funding undertakings from Union funds concluded by public entities,
  • preparation and management of projects within the scope of public and private partnership as well as development of project funding schemes,
  • legal assistance for public entities in the procedure of selection of a private entity for performance of the given investment (in particular, the so-called operators of public nature building facilities), including development of draft versions of the necessary documents (regulations, invitations, conditions of procedure, etc.),
  • support for private entities in the application and bidding procedure, in negotiations and other activities aimed at determination of a specific form of cooperation with the public party,
  • preparation of contract drafts (PPP, concessions, special purpose vehicle contracts where SPVs are established for the purpose of implementation of particular undertakings),
  • representation of Clients before the President of the Public Procurement Office, National Chamber of Appeal and before common and administrative courts.