On 9 May 2022, a strategic investment – the modernization of the fairway between the ports of Świnoujście and Szczecin was completed. Throughout the duration of the investment, its legal services were provided by SWS Law Firm. The Law Firm represented the Maritime Office in Szczecin.

The value of the project implemented with the participation of EU funds amounted to nearly EUR 0.5 billion. The investment is of great geostrategic importance. Its main objective was to enable shipping with doubled load by deepening the waterway to 12.5 m and widening it by 100 m. As a result of the completed works, the maximum permissible draught of vessels calling at Szczecin port was increased to approx. 11.0 m from the previous 9.15 m. Consequently, the accessibility of the Szczecin harbour for large vessels has been ensured and there is no need to unload them in Świnoujście before continuing on their way to the Szczecin.

Additionally, the investment included strengthening the banks of the track and creation of two islands in the Szczecin Lagoon. The newly created islands have become a breeding habitat for many bird species. The area of the islands is about 250 ha and about 123 ha. An information conference combined with a symbolic opening of the waterway was organized on one of the artificial islands.

For more information, please go to:https://www.ums.gov.pl/600-zakonczenie-modernizacji-toru-wodnego-swinoujscie-szczecin