Strykowski and Wachowiak, that is, how it is with SWS?

What gives our job a meaning is satisfaction. And satisfaction for us means being able to overcome obstacles. The priority of our law office is to react  to the current needs of our customers and to find the most effective solution for them.

Effective team

We are experts in many areas of legal practice. We complement and support each other because being effective is not only about knowledge and experience. We focus on communication and collaboration. This seems indispensable in the work of a large team, which more than often is about finding common ground.




What’s new? Be up-to-date!

Closer to the customer – automatically

Complicated project involve large teams, tremendous amount of data and the need of constant communication. We improve our work and the dialog with our customers using state-of-the-art solutions.

We are members of LawExchange International, a selected group of like-minded and independent law firms collaborating to provide comprehensive legal services to clients across the globe. Along with our partners we cover the world’s major commercial centres in Europe, North and South America, the Asia/Pacific and the Middle East.


Our daily work is to solve complex issues. However we do not forget, that the world is not only large numbers.

Where we are?

Office Poznań

ul. Libelta 26/2
61-707 Poznań
tel.: +48 61 85 13 216

Office Warszawa

ul. Nowogrodzka 50, piętro V
00-695 Warszawa
tel.: +48 22 62 75 035

Office Szczecin

Pl. Batorego 4/423
70-207 Szczecin
tel.: +48 91 44 03 232