SWS Law Firm has successfully led to recovery of an estate situated on the territory of Wielkopolskie voivodeship (Słupecki county) by legitimate heirs of former owners of the real property, who had been deprived of their rights under the decree on agricultural reform issued by the Polish Committee of National Liberation (PKWN).

The estate covered the total area of 165.11 hectares, developed with a palace, 2 hotel buildings, an outbuilding, as well as a plot developed with buildings intended for recreational functions, with access to the lake. As a result of legal actions taken, the nationalisation decisions have been found invalid. Given the invalidity of the grounds for acquiring the real property by the State Treasury, the owner of the real property became one municipality from Słupecki county. The SWS team, led by the managing partner, attorney Kosma Strykowski, has reached a settlement with the municipality on the territory of which the estate was situated, under which the real property was handed over to its legitimate owners.